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Release Notes

Release Notes for JIGS version 1.6

Support for modern Objective-C runtimes. General portability improvements. Improvements to the building process including parallel building.

Release Notes for JIGS version 1.5

New advanced support for exposing enumeration: the wrapper tool can now recognize and parse enumeration declarations in the Objective-C header files, so it automatically maps them to ints, and upon request can expose any enumeration you want using static Java constants in a class.

Release Notes for JIGS version 1.4

In this release, the makefiles for wrapping an objective-c library have been rewritten to decouple the process of wrapping from the process of building the original library.

Release Notes for JIGS version 1.3

This release provides morphing of java.lang.Number objects to and from GNUstep's NSNumber.

Release Notes for JIGS version 1.2

Starting with this release, whenever generating java wrappers for a library, JIGS creates automatically a quick reference documentation for the wrappers by using javadoc. Other minor features were implemented too.

Release Notes for JIGS version 1.1

With this release, JIGS builds and installs automatically the java wrappers after generating them. RPM support was also added - both JIGS itself and wrapper libraries generated by JIGS can now take advantage of the new RPM support built into the GNUstep make package.

Release Notes for JIGS version 0.7

This release adds support for morphing of selectors. This improvement required extensive additions to the JIGS core engine and to the WrapCreator tool.

Release Notes for JIGS version 0.6

This release supports building wrappers of debugging libraries, and keeping and running them on the same system as wrappers of not-debugging libraries.

Release Notes for JIGS version 0.5

This release includes a first very partial and experimental wrapper of the gnustep gui library; WrapCreator supports prerequisite libraries; bug fixes.

Release Notes for JIGS version 0.4

This release includes a first partial wrapper of the gnustep base library; the WrapCreator tool has been modified to parse the header file only once, so it is now much faster. Many bug fixes too.

Release Notes for JIGS version 0.3

First release of WrapCreator, an automatic wrapper tool for JIGS. The wrapper can automatically generate the code to wrap an objective-C library to Java.

Release Notes for JIGS version 0.2

Alpha support for subclassing an Objective-C class in Java. Better support for exposing Objective-C class methods to Java.

Release Notes for JIGS version 0.1

This is the first public release. While the core engine is mostly working, the high level APIs and tools are still missing. In particular, we don't have a wrapper tool yet. And, the base gnustep library has not yet been wrapped.

The core engine is organized in the following way:

Version 0.1 contains an example of an objective-C gnustep library wrapped by hand and exposed as a Java library. Following this example, it should not be too difficult to wrap by hand simple libraries.

Tests and examples of the reverse (starting a java virtual machine in an Objective-C executable and accessing java objects from objective-C) have been written, but not included in JIGS 0.1.