GNUstep Sources

We provide releases in form of sources as well access to code through version control (git on GitHub).

For further information on any particular package, click on its name.

Many packages are signed. You can get the public key "gnustep-maintainer (at)" from the GNUstep Project Keyring page. Older packages may be signed with the public key "fedor (at)" available at the same location.

All GNUstep users should install the following items. (see Installation Docs or the somewhat out-of-date Building GNUstep in Build Guide)

Repository Link Notes
GNUstep Make GitHub 2.9.2: FTP HTTPS Makefile Package: Sets up the environment and provies build tools
GNUstep Base GitHub 1.30.0: FTP HTTPS Foundation: the base for tools and applications
GNUstep GUI GitHub 0.31.1: FTP HTTPS Graphical user interface class library
GNUstep Backend GitHub 0.31.0: FTP HTTPS Graphic back-end (X11 Xlib, art, cairo, Windows Win32...)

These libraries and tools offer additional capabilities. Some packages and applications may require you to install these libraries

Sources Required? Stable Unstable Notes
GNUstep CoreBase Optional 0.1 from git Core Foundation
Renaissance Optional
from git Multi-platform UI layout
GNUstep Guile Unsupported 1.1.4
Requires OLD versions of GNUstep and Guile to build/run
StepTalk Unsupported 0.10.0
Scripting language support
JIGS Optional 1.6.2
Java bridge
RIGS Unsupported 0.2.2
Ruby bridge
gdl2 Optional
0.10.1 Database Support Library
SQLClient Optional 1.9.0 from git Simple Objective-C Interface to SQL databases
WebServer Optional 1.6.0 from git Simple web server for applications
WebServices Optional 0.9.0 from git Classes for building web services (partial)
Performance Optional 0.6.0 from git Performance improvement and measuring classes
PPDs Optional 1.0.0 - Printer PPDs formerly in gnustep-gui
EnterpriseControlConfigurationLogging Optional 1.2.0 from git Classes for building and administering 24*7 server processes for large scale software systems.

GNUstep Development Tools

If you intend to develop software for GNUstep, or to port software to GNUstep from another environment, you should install the development tools that are relevant to you from the following list:

Sources Required? Version Notes
Gorm Recommended 1.4.0 | 1.4.0 Graphical interface builder
Project Center Recommended 0.7.0 Project developer
nib2gmodel Obsolete 0.11.0 Converts older (pre-10.2 nibs)
OpenStep 2GNU Converter Obsolete 20000717 Older PB Project converter
Examples Optional 1.4.0 GUI examples

GNUstep User Environment

If you intend to use GNUstep to manage files, run applications and so on, please install the items you require from the following list:

Repository Link Notes
GWorkspace GitHub FTP HTTPS File manager for GNUstep
GNUstep Apps FTP Other User Applications


Please ensure you have at least the Minimum version req'd of each of the following (where needed) on you system, before you install GNUstep. If you need to obtain the software, we suggest that you download the Recommended version.

Sources Required? Minimum
WindowMaker Recommended 0.92.0 0.96.0 Window manager & desktop
libobjc2 Recommended 1.7 2.1 Modern ObjectiveC-2.0 support
libobjc Required for MinGW/Cygwin, recommended pre gcc4.6 1.7.2
Updated libobjc for some systems.