An automated script to install gnustep with its dependencies frome source is provided. The sources are in the scripts project. Major flavours of Linux, BSDs and MinGW are supported.

The direct command to download GNUstep and build its libraries from source is:
curl | bash

Note: This script may not support installation on all operating systems. Let us know if it doesn't work on your system.

Traditionally, open source software is released in source tarballs, listed in the Downloads page. There you can find:

Many packages should be signed. You can get the public key "gnustep-maintainer (at)" from the GNUstep Project Keyring page. Older packages may be signed with the public key "fedor (at)" available at the same location.

Direct access to development of sources in in the repositories, with version control. Current development with history is accessible, not only releases.

GNUstep has a GitHub Project Page where you can get sources using git, as browse the sources online or download a ZIP snapshot for each sub-project.