Developer Documentation

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Anyone wishing to write documentation (or completely revise the following) please get in touch with one of the GNUstep maintainers or the general discussion mailing list.

GNUstep Library Documentation

This is the reference documentation for our library suite. If you find a blank, please send an update to the maintainer.

All our documentation is on the ftp site as a compressed tar file in the docs directory.

For general Foundation documentation, you can usually refer to Apple's documentation for the MacOS X Foundation.

For reference, we have an archived version of the original OpenStep specification. This is legacy documentation for look-up purposes.

General Manuals

The links here describe the development facilities provided under GNUstep. The Base Programming Manual introduces GNUstep as a whole, Objective-C, its main language, and the Base library, its basic set of non-graphical utility classes. The Make Utility makes project building easy and is highly recommended.

GNUstep Developer Mini-Tutorials

Short documents showing you how to program with the GNUstep libraries. Collect them all! Write one of your own! Some are available for download in PostScript and LaTeX. See Nicola's Tutorial Page for info.

Also look through the excellent Stepwise articles (now archived here). And:

Objective-C Documentation

Objective-C is the main language of GNUstep. If you want to learn more about it than the mini-tutorals, we know of:

GNUstep Database Library (GDL2) Documentation

This suite implements an SQL abstraction layer to support storing objects persistently in SQL-based Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS). It aims at compatibility with Apple's Enterprise Objects Framework (EOF) as delivered with WebObjects 4.5.1.

GNUstepWeb (GSWeb) Documentation

Documentation for GNUstep Contributors

If you are helping develop the GNUstep libraries themselves, please read these. In particular, read the GNUstep coding standards.