GNUstep provides the foundations for a portable desktop environment, like offering the base Workspace API (implemented by the official GWorkspace, but user-replaceable) and a set of useful but not mandatory applications. The completion of a desktop environment is done by other projects like

These projects are not officially endorsed by GNUstep.

GNUstep Applications

One of the reasons why GNUstep got started was the longing for the ease of programming and the ease of use which we feel is not available under other operating systems. However to take GNUstep out of the realm of programmers and make it more accessible to average users; there is a definite need to provide more standard applications.

Software Index

The Software Index is a new tool to have a complete and easily maintained repository of GNUstep based applications. It is not a replacement for an app home page. There is a hidden link which produces an XML property list of the full database. You can also use RSS to receive update notifications

Applications List

The GNUstep Application List is a Wiki based list of applications

Feel free to add your app to these lists.

GNUstep also has a decent set of example applications available.

The GNUstep Workspace

GWorkspace running on GNUstep

GWorkspace is the official GNUstep workspace manager. It is a clone of NeXT's workspace manager and already ready for daily usage.

GWorkspace is probably one of the most useful and usable workspace managers available on any platform, owing to its well-designed interface and the natural, consistent design that it inherits from the GNUstep framework.

Please see GWorkspace or the GWorkspace User Guide for more information.

The System Preferences

SystemPreferences running on GNUstep

SystemPreferences is the official preferences application for GNUstep.

Please see SystemPreferences

GNUstep is themable to adapt to your taste, to adapt it to a specific environment or OS. SystemPreferences has a module to allow switching and Thematic.app is for designing themes.

GAP themes and look page.

Design Gallery

Please also visit our Design Gallery where you can get the first impression of the icons which can be used in final applications. Also look at the GNUstep Icons project.