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System Preferences is an application which allows to manage the settings of many aspects of the gnustep environment and its applications.
System Preferences are made of Modules, each one a bundle representing a single control panel, and is thus extensible and modular.

Technically, it is a clone of the Apple OS X System Preferences and offers a compatible framework.

The main window:

System Preferences screenshot


System Preferences comes with seven default preference modules: Themes, Date & Time, File System, Modifier Keys, Fonts, Defaults and Volumes.
The Color Schemes module is still supplied but not installed by default anymore since its functionality is superseded by the Themes panel.

Other applications, like GWorkspace, may install additional panels



The Themes panel lets you switch easily between the different installed themes. The changes are system-wide for all applications.



The Defaults panel lets you customize GNUstep in many ways, by tweaking even some obscure options. It is an alternative to fiddle in the console with the defaults in the NSGlobalDomain. Some settings may be complicated, but it is much easier than opening the console! Some of these settings are used directly by themes, but can be tweaked, if desired, with or without theming.

Some notable settings are:


The PreferencePanes framework Reference is here.

For installation help, please refer to the INSTALL file included in the System Preferences package.

Download System Preferences

The latest version of System Preferences can be downloaded here: 1.1.0.

Access code on GIT repository by:

git clone


The original System Preferences and the PreferencePanes framework was written by Enrico Sersale.

The application is now maintained by the GNUstep community, among them Riccardo Mottola who added the Themes module.

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