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1.0 The System Domain

The System domain contains all files which were included in the default GNUstep installation or distribution. These files are normally managed by the distribution/packaging system used to install GNUstep; thus, making modifications to these files is highly discouraged. In addition, only the system administrator ('root' on most UNIX systems) should have permissions to write to that domain.

Normally you can expect to find gnustep-make and the basic GNUstep libraries (Foundation and AppKit) in this domain, and also essential system applications (the Workspace Manager, the Editor, applications related to system administrative tasks), developer applications (Project Center and Gorm, as well as header files), essential extensions (bundles for XML, SSL, RTF, etc), as well as all software installed by the manufacturer of your distribution.

In the default GNUstep filesystem layout, the entire System domain is found in the `System' folder of the GNUstep installation.

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